Collection: Coconut Soy Lotion Candles

Have You ever Heard of a Lotion Candle??!

"Lotion Candles.... are Candles that you can Burn and use as a Moisturizer."

Candles Have been around for Thousands of years tracing back to their ancients roots as hand made torches. We at F.O.E. Candles would like to add flair to the candle and fragrance experience by adding something unique to what has been a surprisingly slow evolution of candle enjoyment.

Our handcrafted  ALL-NATURAL Lotion Candles are made of High quality Soy-Coconut wax and exceptional essential fragrance blends completed with cotton core wicks to ensure Eco-friendly and clean burning, .

Once the wax is melted, EXTINGUISH THE FLAME and use the candle as a moisturizer and massage oil.

Each candle has approximately 72-91hrs of burn time with proper candle etiquette.