Collection: Pastry Candles

 Butterflysie Candles are the perfect gift and conversation starter. Not only are They adorable and  fun to look But they are Very aromatic and delicious smelling.

 Made with all natural proprietary Blends of Soy wax and deliciously, realistic fragrance Blends that bring to life every artistic theme we offer. Butterflysie Pastry Candles are the very way that We at F.O.E Candles make ordinary candle wax into canvases as we express our perception of  fragrances into 3D works or art.   

Instructions: This candle will burn a minimum of 50 hours. Trim the wick and place on a small plate or saucer before lighting. Burns like a typical Pillar candle and may experience a slight drip along the back. Never leave candles unattended and keep out of reach of children and animals,

Fragrance Of Elegance

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