Intermediate Candle Making Course 2: Pillar Candles

Intermediate Candle Making 
Course 2: Pillar Candles
“Old Fashion” Pillar Candles
  This Class is great for individuals who:
  • Have Taken our Beginner’s Candle making class
  • Have taken Course 1: Pillar candle class “Ice Candle”
  • Have experience with Candle making and understands the fundamentals
  • Would love to learn and expand candle skills and knowledge
In Course 2:  Our Candle students will make “Old Fashion Pillar Candles”  
“Old Fashion” Pillar candles are not your ordinary pillar candles. These beautiful and antique looking Pillar Candles steal the spotlight on any Center piece or shelf. In This Class our Candle students will learn and gain a more in depth understanding of the science behind candle making. Students will learn to use wax blends, additives, temperatures and step by step processes to achieve Distinct looks to their Pillar Candles. Students will enjoy a fun, hands-on and comprehensive instruction that will enable them to confidently create artistic candles of all sorts.
Each Student will also receive an all-inclusive information Booklet to take home covering what we learn.