Beginners Candle Making Class Info

                                    Beginners Candle making:



In this Class Our Candle Students will learn to make Container “Lotion Candles.” Lotion candles are candles that you can burn and use on your skin as a massage oil or lotion.  Our students will enjoy a fun and hands-on learning of the core fundamental skills of Candle making and candle etiquette. We will cover Equipment, Wax types, Fragrances, Dyes, wicks, additives and more.

Candle Making is a fun and relaxing Hobby and can even be a rewarding business. Our Beginner’s Candle making Class is a fun way to see what candle making is all about, once you’ve taken this class, you will have all the knowledge and skill to be able to continue a candle making journey of your very own, making Container candles, tea lights and melts. Each Candle student will also receive an all-Inclusive Information Booklet to take home covering all that we learn.