Advanced Candle Making Pastry Candles: “The Ice Cream Effect”

Advanced Candle Making
Pastry Candles: “The Ice Cream Effect”


This Class is exclusive to individuals or groups who have previously taken at least 2 of the other Candle making classes.

 Including our Beginner’s Candle making, Intermediate candle making courses 1-3 and Advanced Candle making courses 1-2

Additionally, each participant must:

  •  Be comfortable and able to multitask using both hands
  • Have a healthy respect for safety protocol and attention to detail
  • Carefully and comfortably be able use handheld machinery

In this class Our Candle students will learn to make Pastry Candles with focus toward formulating “The Ice cream effect”. We at F.O.E. Candles (Fragrance of Elegance) have been very well known for our hyper realistic pastry candles. Our Candles look and smell just like the real thing. The special things that set our pastry candles apart from the rest are their detail and their impeccable functional ability to withstand hot temperatures at outdoor events without melting and losing quality.  In this class students will receive hands-on comprehensive instruction on our proprietary process and make ordinary wax look like something delicious enough to eat.