Advanced Candle Making Course 2: Luminaries: Picture Candles

Advanced Candle Making
Course 2: Luminaries: Picture Candles


     This Class is great for individuals who:

  • Have Taken Our Beginners and Intermediate candle classes
  • Have Experience with candle making and understands the Fundamentals
  • Are comfortable and able to multitask using both hands
  • Have a healthy respect for safety protocol and attention to detail
  • Would love to learn and expand candle skills and knowledge

In Course 2: Luminaries: Picture Candles, Our Candle students will learn to make “Picture Candles”.

Hurricane Picture Candles are Hurricane Candles (or Luminaries) with photos embedded into them. Hurricane (Luminaries) are Candle holders made of a thick, hard, glass-like type wax, used for Votive or tealights. Hurricane Candles are most known for their soft transparent glow. Students will learn to formulate hurricane wax from scratch and skillfully embed photos to their hurricane candles. This is not a blow dryer hack process. Students will gain an understanding of hurricane candle making and gain the confidence to make wax an art form by combining science and creativity.  

Each student will also receive a comprehensive information booklet to take home covering what we learn.