Welcome to The Family!



Hi I'm Tangie!

Your Chandler, blogger and creative designer of Fragance of Elegance.

To me candles are multifaceted, they’re elegant and scented, they add dimensions to your home decor, they enhance romantic encounters and over all there’s genuine artistic quality to them. When I make candles it starts with a vision. Then with careful hands and thoughtful design I bring my vision to life. When people see my candles I want them to feel like they’re seeing something for the first time and getting to know me simultaneously. I want to take candles where they have never gone before and when I write a blog post, make a video, or teach a candle making class that’s me taking you inside my journey and passion for making candles and showing the beauty in subtlety.


Enjoy the art of fragrance!

Here at Fragrance of Elegance, we believe fragrance should succinctly reflect one's style and foster therapeutic wellness. This is why each of our premium one-of-a-kind scents has been personally hand-picked and developed with careful testing in addition to skilled artistry. Featuring luxurious blends that ignite romance, energize, calm and reduce stress, our exclusive collection of handmade candles as well as bath and body products offers something for everyone, for every season and for every mood. At F.O.E. we have set out to deliver fragrances made out of only the highest quality eco-friendly materials. So that you can enjoy the aromatic benefits of our world renowned scents, bask in the revitalization of our bath and body products, and whimsically gaze at the exquisite artistry and craftsmanship.